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The Restless Heart




Loneliness is not a rare and curious phenomenon. It is at the center of every person’s ordinary experience. It is most dangerous when it is not recognized, accepted and worked through creatively. Conversely it is a tremendously creative and humanizing force when it is recognized and lived correctly.

Examining current theories on the causes of loneliness and using modern day parables from literature, the cinema and his own experience, Ronald Rolheiser identifies different types of loneliness: some are to be avoided, some endured and others positively taken up and entered into. This outstanding book offers a distinctively Christian approach to the subject, and will reassure and free many to live more meaningfully.

“The Restless Heart” won the Winnifred Sanford award in the United Kingdom in 1990 as the best book on spirituality.

Available in audio from Franciscan Media. Franciscan Media

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