The perennial paradox

Peculiar to this Father and Son

Specialists in confounding

Human wisdom withdrawn from wonder.

A virgin gives birth

Not to sterility but

To a Messiah.

Now what has virginity to do with giving birth?


When wisdom wastes words wandering

            towards the truth that will not set you free.

Virginity and inconsummation

            incomplete heart and flesh

            wrestling with a God who has no flesh

            and who won’t let flesh

            meet flesh

Aches, waiting completeness

To stave off sterility

Truly the unforgivable sin against

The spirit of life which is holy.

But sterility becomes pregnant

            with yearning

            for the spirit that sleeps

            with God in the night

            and impregnates with messianic spirituality

            those patient enough to yearn

            and sweat lonely tears

            rather than ruin gift

            with impatience.

Only virgin’s wombs bring forth messiahs

They alone live in advent

            waiting, a delaying bridegroom

            late, hopelessly, beyond the 11th hour.

Still, the virgin’s womb waits

Refusing all counterfeit lovers and

            all impatience

            which demands

            flesh on flesh and

            a divine kingdom on human terms.

Messiahs are only born

            in virginity’s space

            within virginity’s patience

            which lets

            God be God


            love be gift.