Video Series Available from Emmaus Productions

In this thought-provoking and soul searching video series, Father Ron Rolheiser poses many pertinent questions and offers profoundly rich insights into the deep mystery at the heart of our being.  His reflections are accompanied with images, music and silent reflection, all woven together to create a truly sacred and heart-warming experience.

Each of the 10 episodes begins with one of the following questions:

  • What comes spontaneously to mind when you hear the word “spirituality”?
  • “Our hearts are restless until they rest in God”. Is this your experience?
  • When is your heart at rest?
  • What’s the difference between living in restlessness and living in solitude?
  • How do you conceive your “deepest centre”, the centre of your soul?
  • Why are there dark corners in our minds and hearts? Why are we afraid to go there?
  • What ultimately alienates us from each other?
  • How do you understand the deep hungers, desires, and lusts within yourself?
  • Do you still live with your childhood fears of God?  Do you ever wonder what God looks like?
  • Is gratitude the real solution to our longing and restlessness?

In each episode, having posed a question, Ron then offers gems of wisdom in his brief reflection.  This is followed by a period of personal reflection and an invitation to identify what one wishes to remember as Ron recaps key points from his reflection.  This is followed by a call to silent prayer.

Each episode runs for approximately 8 -10 minutes and concludes with reflections for personal journaling or group sharing.

It is recommended that if using this video series with a group, that the facilitator be mindful of the readiness of individuals in the group, as some episodes may be challenging for those who are spiritually inexperienced.

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