Star of the North Retreat Centre

St. Albert AB

Public Lecture Friday December 1

In person and online options available

Topic “Bridging the Unbridgeable Gap: Beyond Polarization in the Church and in Society”

We live in a bitter divided time. Today, everywhere in the church and in the world, we find ourselves divided by different histories, ideologies, politics, religions, moral views and temperaments. Politics are stalemated, churches are splitting, and families struggle to sit down at a common table. And all of this being fed and inflamed by a hundred million websites vilifying each other. The gap is growing and seems unbridgeable. How can we respond? How can we begin to bridge this unbridgeable gap, as faithful Christians, a loving citizens, and as aching family members?

Retreat Starting Saturday December 2

Topic “Understanding the Complex Fire Within: A Theology and Spirituality of Sexuality”

Sex is too often seen as setting itself against spirituality. Sex seems too earthy to be connected to spirit. Evidence suggests that more people struggle religiously with the issue of sexuality than with any area in their lives. What is sexuality? Why is it so powerful? Does it come from God or does it set us against God? Why has the church never produced a healthy, robust spirituality of sex? This retreat will attempt to articulate a healthy anthropology, theology, and spirituality of sex.

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