King’s House

Christ the King Retreat Center

Buffalo MN

“A Theology and Spirituality of Sexuality – Understanding the Complex Fire Within”

Sexuality is an integral part of the soul and its energies must be understood and channeled within a framework that respects the soul. Indeed, the union of sexuality and spirituality is like an electrical connection. A bad connection is disastrous. No connection is equally bad. A good connection generates life and joy. Lived through lovingly and faithfully, sex, perhaps more than anything else, has the power to help us break the casings of selfishness and bitterness and open us further and further to a more gracious adulthood. But, rarely, in any religion or culture, has there been a truly generative connection between sexuality and spirituality. How do we bless Eros and at the same time protect its sacred depth? How do we befriend, enjoy, and celebrate sexuality, even as we properly protect it and ourselves?

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