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How do we live a mystically-driven life? What does it feel like? Your head tells you want you think is wise to do and your heart tells you what you’d like to do. Your mystical center is in a deeper part of you that tells you what you have to do. Mysticism is being touched and it’s being held and compelled by something that’s deeper than your head, your heart, your feelings, and your imagination.

We all have mystical experiences, but we’re not all mystics. Father Rolheiser shares examples of others such as Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen and Ruth Burrows, OCD as well as some major world religions that benefit from getting in touch with their mystical souls. Father Rolheiser shows how living out of mysticism is what frees us up to live true lives, to live noble lives and ultimately to live meaningful lives.

This video can be accessed through A web based option to download will be available from Franciscan Media in the near future.